What People Say


What are people saying?

“Chanel is happier at school with her friends. She gets up on time and gets ready on her own. She even gets her clothes out on her own! I am very happy with the improvement and to see how happy and energetic she is when
she leaves school.”

-Raquel Chapman-Vasquez

What People Say

An email from Sandy H:

Thank you for offering such a program for kids and adults.

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for helping make my son, Andrew succeed in school. He has become more confident and has been excelling at school this year! I rarely have to help him with his homework. I had to help just about every night in previous years. He has told me numerous times about how school is so much easier for him. He also, mentioned that he doesn’t feel the need to get up from his desk any more. He has been getting mostly straight “A’s” and 1 “B”! The grades before consisted mostly of “C’, D’s and F’s”. I just can’t believe how much your program has really helped him! See the below email that his teacher sent to me that really shows his improvements.

From: Mr. W
Subject: Re: Independent Study

Mrs. H,

I have been meaning to send you this message about Andrew: he has become a rockstar in class! He is always volunteering, always asking questions, and always on task! He has been a fantastic example to his peers and I am very proud with his maturation over the second half of the year.

Dillon Caruso, 8th Grader

“After I came to Pathfinders I noticed that I started paying better attention in school. I have an easier time remembering what my teachers are saying. My grades have improved in Spanish and Math. I have become more active and I spend less time watching TV or playing video games. It’s easier to wake up in the morning and I have more energy during the day. I’m better able to remember things that I have read. My mom even noticed that my backpack is neater and more organized!”

Jennifer Cisna, Parent

“Brenda Lana and her team have been wonderful… We had Kyle tested several times to find answers as to why he was struggling in school. The only recommendations we got was that Kyle needed more time on tests, or to have his questions read out loud, but no one had any recommendations on how to fix his issues. It wasn’t until Pathfinders that someone finally put together a plan that actually made a difference. Kyle is doing much better in school and his confidence has really improved.”

Emily Ruth, 8th Grader

“I’m glad I came to Pathfinders because school is easier; I understand and see things better. My homework goes faster, and I don’t need as much help with it now. I fight less with my sister and the music puts me in better moods. In class I ask more questions because I feel more confident. Learning to visualize helps me remember dates and my friends’ addresses, and when I read I see pictures. My writing makes more sense to other people. I would tell someone else when it’s hard sometimes, to keep practicing and keep trying because it’s worth it.”

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